Commercial Tree Surgery

We are a team of experienced commercial tree surgeons in the Crewkerne area.

 If you own a business which has its own premises, you will know how vital it is to make the right first impression.

A client will start to formulate an opinion of your company before they step through the door; Fern Garden Tree Services can help to make the green space around your office an inviting area with well-kept trees and hedges, which will reflect positively on your company. Our skilled, hard-working tree surgeons have carried out work on behalf of the local council for many clients in Crewkerne, Somerset and Dorset, examples of which can be viewed on our gallery page.

Commercial Tree Surgery in Crewkerne, Somerset & Dorset

Before commencing a commercial tree or hedge project, we will always carry out a full risk assessment which also allows us to ensure that our aims and the aims of our clients are in sync.

From hedge trimming to branch removal and dead wooding to tree pruning and dismantling, we have the skills to transform a company garden, car park, or entranceway by giving trees and hedges the care and attention they need.

If you would like to speak to a fully qualified and experienced arborist, Scott Johnson of Fern Garden Tree Services is happy to be of service and can arrange a free no obligation quotation with you.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your business' requirements.

Commercial Tree Surgery