Firewood Logs

High quality soft and hardwood firewood logs in Crewkerne

We supply locally sourced, seasoned firewood logs to customers throughout Crewkerne, Dorset and Somerset for very competitive prices.

Our firewood logs come from beech, oak, ash and other hardwood trees. Hardwood and softwood firewood logs are available in batches or you are welcome to request a mixture of both. We can also supply you with lengths of wood which have been cut to order. Logs with moisture content of less than 20% are perfect for use in your wood burning stove or on an open fire. Wood mulch is also available upon request.

Mulch is often used as a decorative addition to flowerbeds because it can help them to retain water and suppress weeds. It can also be used in kennels and hen enclosures as bedding. You may have come across mulch at children’s playgrounds as an alternative to tarmac beneath play equipment and also paths in public gardens and vegetable patches.

If you are based in Crewkerne, Somerset or Dorset and would like to discover more about the benefits of mulch or are looking to place an order for firewood logs, feel free to get in touch with us.

Firewood Logs