Tree and Hedge Planting

Tree and hedge planting services with the experts at Fern Garden Tree Services, Crewkerne

If you have an outdoor space which needs a little love and care, Fern Garden Tree Services can be of service. Based in Crewkerne, we are qualified arborists with a deep understanding of trees and their properties.

There are many species of tree which thrive in different conditions and we are able to help you choose the right type of tree which will enhance the landscape and flourish in its new home.

We supply trees from renowned and respected nurseries to help revitalise your land, whether for ornamental or industrious purposes. It could be a garden in need of landscaping, a natural habitat for a variety of wildlife or a promising site for harvesting food or firewood.

If you are planning to revitalise a substantial area of land, there are various and considerable grants available from the Forestry Commission, we are happy to advise you further if you are interested. We can liven up your green space with attractive trees and hedges. What's more, as your trees grow, our surgeons can offer all the care and maintenance required.

So, if you are based in Crewkerne or the surrounding area, why not give our tree surgeons a call to find out how you can benefit from our planting service? 

Tree and Hedge Planting